West End Boy – lives to fight another day!

A big thank you to all those who turned up for my talk at Hillhead Library on Tuesday night!

One of the most nerve-wracking parts of being an author is the need to stand-up and speak to people about your books and although it is a must that certainly doesn’t make it any easier.

I split the talk into two sections: one on The Hurting: The Glasgow Terror my second novel in the Thoroughgood crime fiction series, and the second on the inspiration behind the next in the series which is entitled “The Longest Shadow” and will be out approximately late November.

I was delighted with the feedback I got regarding both.

Regarding the The Hurting we also had some lively debate on the subject of terrorism and Jihad and how it is such a sensitive issue given the multi- cultural make-up of the UK.

But it was a conversation that I had with one of the audience in the aftermath of “The Longest Shadow” talk that has really excited me. The member of the audience I spoke to was an ex-member of the military and he provided me with a key piece of information, which only an soldier would know, that has only served to reinforce my view that the inspiration behind my third book, Scotland’s oldest unsolved murder cold case, was indeed a cover up.

I am not going to elaborate any further at this point as this piece of information is something I will be using when I am launching the book to back up my thoughts on the matter but for me it just underlined how important it is to engage with your audience.

Before I sign off after what was a pretty enjoyable and satisfying night I would just like to add my sincere thanks to Christine Stewart and her number two at Hillhead Library for promoting the event and making sure that everything ran like clockwork.



About R.J Mitchell

Scottish author R.J Mitchell has three titles to his name, Parallel Lines: The Glasgow Conspiracy, The Hurting: The Glasgow Terror, and The Longest Shadow. All featuring everyones favourite Detective, Gus Thoroughgood.
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