DS Gus Thoroughgood

DETECTIVE SERGEANT GUS THOROUGHGOOD: a history graduate from Glasgow University, Gus Thoroughgood gained extensive experience on the beat in the city’s old ‘B’ Division – aka ‘The Marine’ – before joining CID.

It was during his period as a beat officer that Thoroughgood came across his criminal nemesis, Declan Meechan and the woman he loves, Celine Lynott.

Seemingly on a CID fast track, Thoroughgood’s career came unstuck when he was involved in a near-fatal road accident which was as a result of Meechan’s malevolence.

Thoroughgood is a resident of the city’s West End where he is a frequenter of ‘The Rock’ public house and other well known Byres Road haunts, and also indulges his passion for supporting Partick Thistle football club.

He is a devoted music fan with eclectic musical tastes spanning his heavy metal roots and monsters of rock like AC/DC, Whitesnake and Queensrych; the great crooner Frank Sinatra and Ulster singer/songwriter Van Morrison, to the more poppy tones of the vinyl Vikings themselves A-Ha.

Parallel Lines sees Thoroughgood paired with the vastly experienced, world-weary DC Kenny Hardie where he finds himself involved in an investigation that will pit him against Meechan in a fight to the death and reunite him with Celine. An investigation that will see only two of the trio make it onto the pages of The Hurting: The Glasgow Terror which is scheduled for publication with Fledgling Press of Edinburgh, in July 2012.