DC Kenny Hardie

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE KENNY HARDIE is a veteran officer of over 20 years police service which has left him tainted and a cynical observer of life. Paired with his younger partner, the thirty-something Thoroughgood, the gnarled Hardie, who is closing in on fifty, is seen as the perfect foil for his Detective Sergeant by their superior officer Detective Superintendent Tomachek.

Married with three kids, and a devoted Rangers supporter, Hardie is apt to see everything through red, white and blue tinted glasses, but behind his world-weary observations and hair-trigger temper there lies a heart of gold.

A man who prides himself on his striking resemblance to the Spaghetti Western star Lee Van Cleef, he loves to flex his eyebrows in a trademark impersonation of the same.

As loyal to Thoroughgood as the proverbial bloodhound, there is very little Hardie will not do for his gaffer and when he decides not to he is never slow to let his DS know exactly why.

Previously having been more interested in counting down the years to his retirement and the completion of his 30 years service, Hardie has had his interest in policing rekindled by Thoroughgood.