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New Personal Best Set in Falkirk: 30 book sell-out in 86 mins!!TIME TO RE-SIGN

I’M delighted to announce that I have reached agreement with WH Smith to go back out on tour with them on a 14-stop Scottish signing tour for my new crime novel ‘The Shift’.

Following the success of the 12-stop signing tour I did with them earlier in the year, in which I sold-out in nine of the 12 branches I appeared at across Scotland and after two great launches of ‘The Shift’ in Glasgow and Stirling earlier this summer at which well over 100 people attended, this new more ambitious schedule, will, fingers crossed, provide a great chance to take Thoroughgood’s latest outing in this prequel, set in 1989, to all corners of Scotland.

So, I will be starting in Dunfermline, this Saturday, September 3, before coming to a stop with an appearance at Stirling WH Smith on Saturday October 8, at which point I will take a break for the October holidays and a possible jaunt to Northern Ireland.

Normal business will be resumed on Saturday, November 5, at Fort Kinnaird and after trips to Paisley, Ayr, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh amongst others, conclude with a Christmas Eve appearance back in the Thistles Centre, Stirling on Christmas Eve.

It’s a demanding schedule but one I am looking forward to embracing and already anticipating engaging crime fiction fans all over Scotland while introducing my particular style of gritty, uber-realistic action driven tartan noir to people who have never heard of me or the good Detective Sergeant Thoroughgood….and there will be no shortage of them!!!

Right now I’d like to record my gratitude to WH Smith’s Central Scotland stores co-ordinator Garry Torrance who has once again planned the tour with his usual meticulous eye for detail.

‘Write’ now I am currently 20,000 plus words into the next Thoroughgood novel ‘The Blood Acre’ which follows on from ‘The Shift’ and is set in 1990. That means I am up at 6am every morning feverishly typing away and trying to meet my 1000word daily target.

Originally my new publishers had intended my next publication to be the first in a new series based on a disgraced ex-SAS soldier Ludovic Graham and entitled ‘Heist’, the MS for which I completed in April.

But with ‘The Shift’ going down well and it’s American launch pencilled in for early 2017, the decision has been taken for ‘The Blood Acre’ to be next out in spring next year and I need to have the first draft MS finished by Christmas….no pressure there then!!



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AFTER a great Glasgow launch night at Hotel du Vin at One Devonshire Gardens last Thursday it’s now onto The Royal Hotel, Bridge of Allan, for this evening’s Stirling launch of The Shift.

It may seem funny to have two launches for one book but the reason for it is, that although I was born and raised in Stirling, I spent the period from 1985 to 2014 at Uni and working in Glasgow, before moving back to my hometown.

Preparations for tonight’s ‘show’ (!), which is being hosted by the Stirling Observer’s intrepid chief reporter Donna White, have gone well with a good ‘dress rehearsal’ in Stirling Café Nero yesterday…now all we need is for some people to turn up!!

After some of the excuses I’ve had for call-offs (yoga classes and bowling matches) there might be an echo tonight!!!

Stirling is a strange one for me as having been away from the place for 29 years all of my childhood friends have long since gone and so, despite being a Stirling boy, it has taken me a while to settle back in again.

But having sold out on my last five signings with Waterstones and WH Smith hopefully there might be more than one man and his dog along tonight….time will tell whether I’m barking up the wrong tree or not!!!

The format, with Donna hosting, will be the same as last week’s in Glasgow when the Beeb’s Phil Goodlad did such a slick job. First up after a quick intro will be a reading by yours truly, from one of The Shift’s most compelling passages and then an informal interview before we finish with another contrasting reading and then…hopefully….I will sign some books for purchase.

There is a great deal to talk about as I will be sharing a lot of memories from my time as a rookie cop in Glasgow in the summer of 1989, a lot of which forms the basis for this Thoroughgood prequel.

The rest of the plot for the novel comprises of the Northern Ireland troubles and the raging of a fictitious Ice Cream War, which is a nod to one of the most brutal sagas in Glasgow’s criminal history.

It’s interesting to note that The Shift is back up at number 11 in the Irish crime E-book charts after being as high as nine, dropping down the charts and climbing back up.

The Northern Ireland troubles cast a giant shadow over Glasgow in the 80’s and I am hopeful that the plotline reflects that as well as giving a really strong flavour of what it was like living working and loving (!) in the city back in 1989.



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